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Class 4: Reversing Tasks and CrackMes

Alright, we're targeting mastery task B.

I have made 6 binaries that just do some normal stuff. Our job is to look at the binaries and craft some pseudo-code that we think could have been what the original coder had intended.

First some binaries that just do normal stuff, and our job is to craft some pseudo-code that might have made these:

Be poets, that is, find the essence of the code, make it beautiful not mechanical.

First sets of "crackme"s

Find the flags: This GitHub Repo has crackme0x00a crackme0x00b and crackme0x01, solve them.

Here are some binaries from real CTFs of the recent past:

yopass CTF{sha256}

cat.elf ctf{sha256}


pwn_bazooka_bazooka CTF{sha256}