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Interactive Q & A

OK the students voted to have a catch-up session.

I've asked for people to prep questions based around a sticking point, so that I can hopefully help you get unstuck.

Here is the universe of problems you might pick from:

Here is the set of mastery topics I think we've touched on.

(I mean it, we've just glanced a lot of these rather than wait at each one, but I'm hoping the fill in the dots model helps build a picture)

That's about as far as we've touched on mastery tasks.

And I added debugging because you need it.

With all of that said, let's pick a specific concept or problem that has you stuck and work through it. In the case that you're embarassed I have made a temporary and anonymous chat so perhaps we can get questions from the people that don't normally ask:

We can clear the chat history any time.