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What you currently know

Of course we need more practice at these things, but it's a fine start.

My instinct is that we need to practice more shellcode and address leak parsing, but there is something else on the table that we need to practice in the PWN style first (if we're to be properly FIFO).

Calling conventions...

Calling Conventions and PWN

We learned calling conventions and that helped us understand WHERE to put a new address:

Here is that as a diagram:

This knowledge unlocked controlling RIP.

Now we will unlock something else, Defeating NX

Calling conventions will help us not need shellcode.

The trick is called ROP chaining

Return-Oriented Programming

Side Quest: ROP Emporium

Let's work through the problems at:

Soon you will want this:

ROPgadget --binary binaryhere

The output will look something like:

Here's the big idea of ROP chains:

Let's solve the first 2 ROP Emporium problems together.